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The Probe Thermometer PCE-IR 100 is both an infrared non-contact thermometer for measuring surface temperature and a contact thermometer with probe for measuring core temperature of food. This food-grade probe thermometer allows for quick and easy testing of food surface temperatures without contamination using the infrared sensor, while also offering the possibility of testing food internal temperatures using the food-quality sensor probe.

– Infrared temperature range: -33 … 220ºC / -27 … 428ºF
– Probe temperature range: -55 … 330ºC / -67 … 626ºF
– Resolution: 0.2ºC / 0.36ºF
– IP 65 ingress protection rating allows hygienic cleaning




– non-contact and contact temperature measurement combined in a single instrument
– large measuring range
– suitable for use in the food industry in compliance with HACCP
– emissivity adjustable (pre-set for food)
– short response time
– measured value hold-function (min./max.)
– continuous measurement function
– ISO calibration (traceable to Dakks) possible (the thermometers are delivered calibrated /
additional laboratory calibration and ISO certification can be carried out on request)
– waterproof, as a result – easy hygienic cleaning (washable housing)

Measurement Functions

The infrared food thermometer combines non-contact surface measurement (scan) and core temperature measurement in one measuring device. This provides the first, quick overview of the temperature situation as well as the reduction of the infrared measurement due to the values received from the integrated penetration probe (sample). Particularly noteworthy is the built-in continuous-measurement function. Temperature-time sequences can thus be monitored, e.g. warming-up, hot-maintaning and cooling processes.

Quick indication

The HACCP rules are established and ensure constant product quality under consideration and avoidance of hygienic risks. The manufactures practically cannot afford to bring the products, that have not been produced / monitored according to these rules, to the market. It is important to control the temperature and to observe temperature-time relationships, which ensure that the products are never exposed to hygienic risks at any time. This is particularly interesting if to consider the ever longer transportation distances for raw materials and finished products. A keyword here is a cold chain. But also, the reduction of the use of preservatives for the shelf life extension requires alternative methods. Often these are temperature treatments such as cooling or heating. During the infrared temperature measurement with the PCE-IR100 infrared food thermometer, the built-in measuring spot illumination shows exactly the area on the surface of the measurement object detected by the thermometer. So erroneous measurements are reliably excluded.

– Ideal for use in food processing, food inspection, food safety, food quality control, food preparation and food catering applications
– Aids in compliance with the hazard analysis and critical control points (HACCP) system
– Sensor probe folds into unit for convenient storage
– Accurately covers a wide measurement range
– Quick response time
– Minimum, maximum and lock functions
– Enables continuous measurement over a period of time
– IP 65 ingress protection rating allows hygienic cleaning
– Easy to use: LEDs indicate temperatures below 4ºC / 39.2ºF, temperatures between 4ºC / 39.2ºF and 60ºC / 140ºF, and temperatures above 60ºC / 140ºF


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