The building moisture meter is a nondestructive concrete moisture meter or dampness tester that measures the moisture content of concrete and other construction and building materials. Featuring a variety of preset characteristic curves based on different material densities, this electronic building moisture meter enables fast, reliable, noninvasive moisture measurement without damaging the surface.

– Offers high-frequency penetration up to 50 mm / 1.96 inches in depth
– Features an alarm function when exceeding threshold level
– Includes a metallic sphere or ball sensor



Using the building moisture meter you can quickly perform humidity control of wood, walls, and screeds. The building moisture meter fits well in the hand, thereby ensuring a pleasant measuring process of building materials and other materials. To measure moisture of walls, wood, concrete, charcoal, etc. the building moisture meter provides characteristic curves, based on the density of the material. These are easy to change via the function keys.

Further features of the building moisture meter include an alarm function which can be fully adjusted. The LED above the control panel allows an optical moisture evaluation. It is therefore the ideal companion on construction sites, for material input checks and to reference measurements in production. With the building moisture meter the workforce is therefore optimally equipped for everyday labour.

– Electrical resistance measuring principle
– Non-destructive, non-invasive
– Penetration depth up to 50 mm / 1.96 inches
– For concrete, cement, cork, wood, plaster, rubber and more
– Alarm function when exceeding threshold levels
– Metallic sphere or ball sensor
– Adjustable LCD backlight
– Auto-off power-saving function
– Zero / self-calibration function
– Max hold function


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