The thermometer is specially designed for long-term monitoring of climatic conditions in, for example, offices, classrooms or lecture halls. The air quality meter has various sensors. Among other things, the air quality meter has a carbon dioxide sensor up to 40,000 ppm, a temperature sensor with a measuring range between 0 … 50 ?C, an ambient humidity sensor with a measuring range between 0 … 100% RH and a barometer with a measuring range between 300 … 2000 hPa. The air quality meter can therefore be used in many applications due to its large number of sensors. The measured values ??are shown directly on the e-paper display of the air quality measuring device. A good / medium / bad rating of the carbon dioxide content in the ambient air is also displayed.

– Battery life of up to 10 months
– Measuring range up to 40,000 ppm CO2
– 32 GB data storage
– Temperature and humidity sensor
– .csv file format
– E-paper display with histogram display
– Display of atmospheric pressure
– Good / medium / bad rating
– Alarm limits
– Carbon dioxide and absolute pressure sensor



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