PCE-CS 1000N is a digital, electronic, battery-powered Force Test Instrument that displays measurement values in kilograms (kg) or pounds (lbs). The scale comes factory calibrated and includes a hook, shackle and remote control.


– Maximum weighing capacity:?1000 kg / 2200 lbs ? 1 Ton
– Resolution: 0.2 kg
– Tare range: 100% full scale



The force test instrument PCE-CS 1000N is a compact, mobile crane scale for in-house applications. The robust aluminum housing of this force test instrument allows weighing in even the harshest industrial environments. The force test instrument is operated with three commercially available 1.5 V AA batteries, which allow a continual operating time of approx. 65 hours. The display of the force test instrument is a backlit LCD display with a digit height of 20 mm.


The background lighting of the force test instrument can be regulated and thus help to extend the operating time. Other functions of the force test instrument are: gross / net weighing, summing function, hold function, autozero OFF function as well as the possibility to display a measuring unit that is freely adjustable by the user. This means that the user can store a conversion factor in the force test instrument, so that the weighed product is not in kg but e.g. in meters (1 kg = 1.25 m). The force test instrument has a linear calibration and thus ensures particularly high accuracy.

– Crane scale up to 1 t
– Measuring deviation of max. 1% possible
– Summing function
– Gross/net weighing
– Freely adjustable measuring unit, e.g. M?, etc.
– LCD display with 20 mm digits
– Battery operation up to 65 hours
– Compact dimensions
– Linear calibration possible
– Including hook / shackle and remote control



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